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報告書目録と文書索引 – List of Reports and Index to Records

JapanAirRaids.org is proud to feature almost all of the 108 official reports produced by the United States Strategic Bombing Survey (USSBS) related to the air raids conducted against Japan by the U.S. Army Air Forces and U.S. Navy.

  1. 議長室本部報告 – Office of the Chairman Reports
  2. 民間研究 – Civilian Studies
  3. 経済研究 – Economic Studies航空機部門 – Aircraft Division軍需部門 – Military Supplies Division都市地域部門 – Urban Areas Division他の部門 – Other Divisions
  4. 軍事研究 – Military Studies陸軍分析部門 – Military Analysis Division海軍分析部門 – Naval Analysis Division物理的被害部門 – Physical Damage DivisionG-2部門 – G-2 Division

USSBS List of Reports, Pacific War


米国戦略爆撃調査団文書索引 – Index to the Records of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey

In the effort to publish these official reports, the USSBS collected an enormous trove of primary English and Japanese language documents, most of which are held at the United States National Archives and Record Administration’s (NARA) Archives II complex in College Park, Maryland. The following index is a key source for gaining a sense of these holdings, which are also held in Japan’s National Diet Library in microfilm form.

Index to the Records of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, OCR