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中東部軍管区内被空襲記録 Record of Air Raids on Area of Eastern District Army



“Record of Air Raids on Area of Eastern District Army During the Great Asian War”

The following document was produced by the National Institute for Defense Studies (part of the Japanese Ministry of Defense). It was published on the seventh anniversary of Japan’s surrender (15 August 1952). The document consists of a table listing all 369 instances that an air raid warning was issued between 1 November 1944 and 15 August 1945 within the Kanto/Northern Honshu district defended by the Eastern District Army. The table provides information on the exact times warnings were issued and called off, the number and type of enemy aircraft involved, the purpose of enemy intrusion (attack or reconnaissance), weather conditions, and miscellaneous notes.  It should be noted that the numbers of aircraft involved are taken from contemporary Japanese military accounts and are therefore not always accurate.

This PDF was scanned from a copy in possession of Yasukuni Kaiko Bunko.

大東亜戦争中 東部軍管区内に於ける被空襲記録