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他の部門 – Other Divisions

October 7, 2011

Basic Materials Division:

USSBS Report 36, Coal and Metals in Japan’s War Economy

Capital Goods, Equipment and Construction Division:

USSBS Report 37, The Japanese Construction Industry

USSBS Report 38, Japanese Electrical Equipment

USSBS Report 39, The Japanese Machine Building Industry Electric Power Division

USSBS Report 40, The Electric Power Industry of Japan

USSBS Report 41, The Electric Power Industry of Japan – Plant Reports

Manpower, Food and Civilian Supplies Division:

USSBS Report 42, The Japanese Wartime Standard of Living

Over-all Economic Effects Division

USSBS Report 53, Effects of Strategic Bombing on Japan’s War Economy, OCR

Transportation Division

USSBS Report 54, The War Against Japanese Transportation, 1941-45