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週報 The Weekly Bulletin

December 27, 2010


The Weekly Bulletin was published by the Cabinet Intelligence Bureau of Japan beginning in October 1936.
Articles covered all aspects of the war effort including announcements and features regarding air defense.


Contents of the following PDF:



The Weekly Bulletin, No. 96, 17 August 1938:

Civilian Air Defense and Air Defense Facilities
Bombing and International Law




The Weekly Bulletin, No. 375, 22 December 1943:

Questions and Answers Regarding Evacuation from Urban Areas



「急げ! 待避所の増設」

The Weekly Bulletin, No. 423, (Air Raid Edition), 29 November 1944 :

Questions and Answers Regarding the Evacuation of Children and the Elderly
Lose No Time in Constructing Shelters!
Rules Regarding Travel in Light of the Air Raids

Don’t Let the Air Raids Interfere with Production!




The Weekly Bulletin, No. 429, 17 January 1945:

Supplementary Explanation Regarding Blackouts



The Weekly Bulletin, No. 435-6 (combined edition), 7 March 1945:

Observations on the Air Raids in Light of the Current War Situation
Campaign to Strengthen Mutual Aid Among All “Production Warriors”




The Weekly Bulletin, No. 446, 6 June 1945:

Strengthening the Air Defenses of Agricultural Areas